HUSTED & ZINGELER Black Urn - Moraine Carving

HUSTED & ZINGELER Black Urn - Moraine Carving


This Urn was part of an exhibition of contemporary funeral vessels from the fall of 2018, entitled Shelter For What Remains.

The form was wheel-thrown by myself, then adorned with carving by artist Kristine Zingeler. These particular carvings subtly reference the Southern Alberta landscape and mimic the major moraine ridges left by glaciers as they passed through the Calgary - Lethbridge corridor.

This piece comprises two vessels. The urn itself is made up of two separate halves of equal depth. The closure includes a deep, trough-like gallery that can cleanly accommodate a bead of silicone or wax sealant if permanent or semi-permanent closure is desired. A vase then sits atop the urn to encourage a grieving or memorial ritual, in the way one might visit a grave with flowers on significant dates.

This specific piece is reserved for exhibition. However, commissions featuring the shown form and Moraine pattern, or something custom, are welcome.

Read more about this project and the exhibition here.

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